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Joseph Hartsfield, Baseball

baseball player standing in front of a blue curtain for a photo

Joseph Hartsfield is a sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama. He graduated from Oak Mountain High School in 2017.

Joseph is the son of Jack and Rachel Hartsfield.

What's your major?


Who has been your biggest influence?

My dad. He's always held me to a higher standard."

What's your career goal?

"Doing something I can look forward to waking up for every day."

Favorite Sports Team?


Favorite Athletes?

"Derek Jeter and Bo Jackson."

Favorite T.V. Shows?

"The Office, Friends and That 70s Show."

Favorite Movies?

"Farris Bueler's Day Off, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Toy Story."

Favorite Foods?



"Ping pong and hanging out with my friends."